Mosquito Repellent Natural Ingredients

Breeding mosquitoes in the rainy season is increasing. This gives rise to several diseases, one of which dengue fever. In addition to efforts to close the 3 M, drain and hoarding, there are other measures that need to be done using the lotion. Unfortunately, the use of repellents or chemicals such as DEET (diethyl-meta-toluamide) are not always effective in preventing mosquito bites.

Complaints irritation or strong odors that do not want to make much use of this material. But now no need to worry, there are other alternatives to repel mosquitoes is to use natural ingredients.

According to a study, the chemicals can damage brain cells, causing changes in behavior, and can have dangerous interactions with some medications that may be consumed, Care2 reported on Friday (31/05/2013).

The scientists also observed that this can also lead to brain cell death in animals over the use of chemicals in the long term. Additional research found that up to 15 percent DEET is absorbed through the skin directly into the bloodstream.

According to the safety data sheet on diethyl-meta-toluaminde, the toxic effects of these chemicals include reproductive problems, mutations in genetic material, and central nervous system disorders.

Here are a few options that potent natural ingredients as these insect repellents:

1. Essential Oils

According to research at Iowa State University, the essential oil 10 times more effective than DEET use to make mosquito does not dare to approach.

2. Citronella oil is Asiri

Use lemongrass pure essential oils, these oils are easily found in all natural foods stores.

3. Garlic and Black Pepper

Both food flavoring is also fairly powerful repel mosquitoes. From the resulting odor makes mosquitoes can not stand.

4. Lavender oil

Lavender used as an effective mosquito repellent. Additionally almond, coconut oil and organic soybean oil can also be chosen to make the mosquitoes do not dare bite.

Research cited in The New England Journal of Medicine found that mosquito repellent can be made from organic soy oil. Besides these oils can also help slow the growth of hair on the hands.

5. Lotus

Research (Nelumbo nucifera) recently published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine showed that lotus is an effective mosquito repellent material and also helps kill the mosquito larvae. Since the lotus that grows in water is a good choice as a natural mosquito repellent in the backyard pool.

By applying a bit of the ingredients in the potent ingredient used as a mosquito repellent. Natural ingredients is the best choice compared to the use of chemicals, in addition to repel mosquitoes as well some of which may mebnjadi moisturizer for the skin.

Should do a skin test to ingredients above for 24 hours to see the response of the skin, because the skin sensitive to the level of each person differently.


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